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Case Studies

Case Studies

Business applications by nature (custom apps, packaged apps - ERP-CRM, mobile applications, and web services) need different approaches to test for quality. There is a huge difference in processes for each of these applications such as:

  • Integration of third party and legacy systems
  • Acquiring business knowledge and functional flow implementation process.
  • Test data management (generation, masking, migration, and maintenance)
  • Customer reach (in-house and global)
  • Type of other business systems it speaks with (B2B communications)
  • The very nature by which services are exposed (web services)
  • Variety of development and hence testing models (waterfall, iterative, v-model, agile, etc.)
  • Changing test cycles, changing priorities, and changing timelines

SoftSol has launched a dedicated Test Center of Excellence for each type of application which includes the following features:

  • Automation Center of Excellence
  • Automated testing services
  • Exclusive test labs
  • Best practices
  • Industry experts
  • Expertise on industry-leading commercial and open source tools
  • Custom solutions and framework
  • Reusable assets, including automation tools
  • Prebuilt accelerators (ERP and CRM systems)
  • Defined and specifically tailored QA processes

Specialized Testing Services

Our innovations in test engineering deliver better solutions and thereby reduce overall cost to quality. At the SoftSol Test Center of Excellence we constantly challenge ourselves to develop new solutions for test engineering. Solutions from our core innovations team include:

  • Test Data Tool Kit
  • Test Design Tool Kit
  • Test Execution Frameworks
  • Test Oracles
  • Test Management Tool Kit
  • Packaged Applications Tool Kit, including automation tools.
  • Feasibility and Estimations

Specialized Testing Services

Contact Us today to learn more about our Test Center of Excellence and automated testing services.

Extraordinary growth of mobile devices has opened up avenues for mobile applications with complex functionality to reside on multiple platforms with limited computing resources, diverse hardware and software configurations, and an abundance of communication protocols and third party systems.

Mobile testing presents multiple challenges, including:

  • Diversity of the device environment
  • Hardware and networking considerations
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodologies
  • Interface with external systems through Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
  • Resource-intensive transactions
  • Network latency

SoftSol’s proprietary mobile testing framework allows clients to remotely access multiple mobile devices (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, etc.) from multiple locations and access applications via multiple carriers. Our framework comes with a huge repository of reusable assets which reduce the regression testing cycle.

mobile testing

Our empirical-based design techniques optimize the mobile testing environment and ensure functional testing coverage of applications that significantly reduces time to market. SoftSol mobile application testing services supports agile development practices. Our mobile testing services include:

mobile testing services

Other benefits of our mobile testing services include:

  • On-demand access to multiple devices (provisioning and de-provisioning on the fly)
  • Devices spread globally in different locations, with different carriers
  • Remote access to test environments
  • Highly optimized process in selection of test environment
  • Optimal test coverage of functionality of mobile applications
  • Faster time to market in agile environments

Contact Us today to discuss mobile testing services.

Web Services, which do not have typical user interfaces and cannot be readily tested with traditional automated web testing tools, often pose multiple challenges such as:

  • Infinite service consumption
  • A variety of customers (internal, external, legacy systems, future systems).
  • A single scenario may call multiple other services
  • Complexity

Our approach in Web Services Testing includes:

  • Component level testing – Unit level data exchange testing
  • Integration and dependency testing – Tests covering scenarios calling multiple services, end-to-end testing
  • Testing multiple SOA protocols
  • Designing tests specifically to test business logic
  • Our web testing tools challenge web services in aspects such as:
    • Combinatorial tests optimal coverage
    • Performance tests (volume, stress, endurance, scalability)
    • Interoperability for heterogeneous systems
    • Backward compatibility for legacy systems
    • Internalizations tests for multi-language systems

Contact Us to discuss our Web Services Testing solutions.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations by nature include a large number of stakeholders (management, consultants, development, QA, end users, and more), managing multiple geographic locations, and integration with multiple legacy systems, feeder systems, and third party gateways. Testing such complicated applications with respect to a complex business landscape, product upgrades, third party integrations, performance issues, and regulatory compliance often warrants a great deal of expertise and insight.

At SoftSol, we understand that testing these business applications with varied release cycles, changing testing priorities, and stringent timelines is critical.

Our ERP Testing approach includes:

  • ERP Center of Excellence – a repository of prebuilt test accelerators, well-defined test data management, and robust test automation framework.
  • Compliance testing – SoX and HIPPA
  • Functional testing - system, integration, regression, automation, and user acceptance testing
  • Non-functional testing - performance, load, stress, volume, and security.

Our proven expertise in ERP Testing will ensure value across the organization in multiple ways:

  • Leveraging of automation tools across enterprise accounts
  • Supporting release readiness using quality metrics
  • Leveraging existing repositories of reusable prebuilt accelerators and automation libraries
  • Standardizing tools and optimizing process
  • Increasing automation and reducing regression test life cycles
  • Reduced defect leakage
  • Optimum utilization of resources

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