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STiC offers industry-leading benefits, setting new standards in testing, engineering, economics, and efficiency.

  •  Highly optimized and streamlined testing process
  •  Reduced cost of quality
  •  Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  •  Efficient graphic reporting and metrics
  •  Reduction in testing execution effort
  •  Increased ROI
  •  Reduced time to market
  •  Consistent defined quality for each release
  •  Reduced defect leakage across the testing lifecycle
  •  Team optimization by utilizing shared services
  •  Predictable service delivery
  •  Business – IT aligned approach to testing
  •  Low commitment risk
  •  Effortlessly scalable and easy to deploy
  •  Improved productivity and standardized processes


Our delivery approach and methodology is specifically designed for on-demand outcome and utility-based engagements.


Delivery Phases:


  •  Identify Test Objectives
  •  Verify Test Environment and Tool Setup
  •  Identify, Document, and  Validate Business Processes  to be Scripted
  •  Identify Test Data Management Strategy
  •  Optimize Test Cases
  •  Create Test Plan


  •  Create Test Scripts
  •  Create Test Scenarios
  •  Generate  Test Data for Execution
  •  Configure Test Environments
  •  Dry Run


  •  Execute Test Cases as per the Test Plan
  •  Write Test Results
  •  This is a sample Starlist.


  •  Analyze Test Results
  •  Generate Quality Metrics

Enterprise automation is often faced with challenges including the large number of changing IT stacks, multiple automation tools (vendor locking and technology coupling), and changing priorities of application release cycles that generally add to effort in managing discrete QA systems. STiC is a unique framework which seamlessly integrates all processes of test engineering, such as:

  •  Test Environment Selection
  •  Test Design Tools
  •  Test Data Tools
  •  Requirements & Test Case management Tools
  •  Reusable Assets
  •  Test Execution Tools and Custom Frameworks (QTP, Selenium, Sahi, Watir, Silk, Renorex)
  •  Prebuilt packaged Accelerators
  •  Task Automation
  •  Test Scripts
  •  Test Results
  •  Bug Tracking
  •  Quality Metrics

STiC services include a wide range of application stacks, business verticals, and different types of testing services.

Cloud Testing Software

STiC: SoftSol Testing in Cloud

Enterprise IT is responsible for multiple applications and is challenged to design efficient testing solutions. To address this need, SoftSol has developed a cost effective and flexible cloud based testing service.

Traditional software testing presents multiple challenges, including: limited flexibility in unification/standardization of automation tools that are tightly coupled with technologies; aligning test automation with continuously changing IT stacks; and measurement of true ROI and reusability of existing test assets.

While there is no “silver bullet” to address these challenges, we have designed the SoftSol Testing in Cloud (STiC), a testing as a service solution that helps overcome the challenges and complexity of traditional testing.

Although there is no single “silver bullet” to address these challenges, we have designed the SoftSol Testing in Cloud (STiC) solution that is very close.

The benefits of our Cloud Testing Services are unparalleled in the industry, and include:

  • Manual and automated testing services
  • Robust testing as a service resources with domain knowledge perfected through continuous learning.
  • True cloud based testing, which converts Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) to Operational Expenditure (OPEX).)
  • On-demand, preconfigured tools and test environments with built-in features to provision and de-provision on the fly
  • A proprietary single click task automation framework which reduces test scripts preparation time by 80 percent.
  • SLA and milestone-driven performance measurements
  • Right fit test strategy and on-demand metric tracking
  • Delivering true ROI with continuous improvement

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