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SoftSol Executive Dash Board (SEDB) helps key stakeholders continuously monitor crucial key performance indicators that are ever changing. Multiple modules/components with varied test priorities and release guidelines often pose difficulty making the right decision. SEDB helps executive committees make go/no-go decisions based on quality and release compliance tollgates.

Important Features of SoftSol Executive Dashboard (SEDB™):

  •  Continuous monitoring of key performance indicators
  •  Intuitive graphical-based reports with deep drill-down
  •  No hassle of capturing metric data for QA team
  •  On-the-fly metrics application-wise, module-wise, release-wise, etc.
  •  Metrics across multiple phases (test design, test execution, defects, planning, and tracking) of STLC

SoftSol Executive Dashboard


SoftSol Test Management Tool (STeM™) is a customized version of an open source QA suite offered as an additional service, which supports tight integration among test cases, test suits, test plans, and user management, combined with a powerful reporting mechanism.

SoftSol Test Management Tool Features:

  •  User roles and management
  •  Grouping of test cases in test specifications
  •  Requirements with versioning and re-versioning
  •  Support for testing different builds of the software
  •  Customization of the user interface using Smarty templates
  •  Multiple engagements of products right from the requirements to quality metrics
  •  Quality metrics which help you track and measure milestones across your testing release cycles
  •  Generates powerful graphical based dynamic reports on the fly for entire product life cycle
  •  Integration with other software using a provided API
  •  Integration with bug tracking system (Mantis, JIRA, Bugzilla)


SUIF™ is an agnostic framework tool that helps SME’s to write manual test cases (in keyword-driven format) and also to execute test cases on multiple test execution tools , reducing dependency on testers and tools. This custom framework has extensive reporting features (reporting format of user‘s choice) , and supports both opensource and commercial tools for custom apps and packaged applications.

Features of SoftSol Unified Interface Framework:

  •  Tool agnostic
  •  Single test case for manual and automation testing
  •  Automation ready once test case design is completed
  •  Seamless integration with test design and test data tools
  •  Test case decomposition
  •  Auto documentation
  •  Custom reports –Excel/ Notepad /HTML
  •  Error screen capture
  •  Email alerts
  •  Quality Center integrated

Key Benefits of SoftSol Unified Interface Framework:

  •  Tool driven - minimal user intervention
  •  Test teams can create test data
  •  Reduced cycle time - early product delivery & faster time to market


BUGFAST unlocks the full potential of your test assets. It empowers business analysts to create, execute and maintain automated test scripts and eliminates the gap between business and technical testing teams.

With the BUGFAST solution, test cycles that normally take 2-3 weeks using a dozen manual testers can be completed in less than two days with only two resources.


More important, BUGFAST instills the confidence that comes with knowing a critical application has been thoroughly verified. Extensive reporting on every validation step ensures surprise-free software releases.

The BUGFAST solution is fully certified by HP and integrates with both QTP and QC. SoftSol, as the solution manufacturer, is an HP Silver Business Partner. BUGFAST software is certified for HP Interoperability, confirming its compatibility with past, current, and future versions of HP Software. Finally, the personnel who implement the solution and automate your existing test cases are all HP Accredited Integration Specialists.

BUGFAST is effective because it draws the best aspects from each of the leading test automation approaches, including modularization, library structure, keyword-driven, and descriptive programming.

The solution offers advantages for every phase in the testing process. BUGFAST AutoGen speeds the creation of automated scripts. Fully segregated data sources provide versatility and reusability in data design. Simple yes/no flags allow analysts to easily select the combination of tests to execute. And componentization makes it simple to accommodate changes to the application, even during periods of rapid development.

SoftSol Test Data Generator (STDGen™) is a custom solution which we have specifically designed to generate test data for both manual and test automation. We understand that test data might become redundant after a regression and it is required to generate both variety and volume of test data.  Essentially we automated the basic task of a typical test engineer who needs to generate volumes of data for every regression cycle.

Significant features of SoftSol Test Data Generator (STDGen™) include:

  •  Generates both variety (20 different data types) and volume (up to 1 million records) of test data
  •  Optimizes volumes of test data that a typical test engineer uses to see how boundaries of multiple fields interact to handful numbers
  •  Generates volumes of updated spreadsheets for test automation (with the changes and dependencies undertaken) on the fly by reducing your test data updating time for every regression by close to 80%

 SoftSol Test Data Generator

Test Data Types:

Test Data Types

Test engineering today is changing rapidly to provide new levels of efficiency and accuracy. An area that has garnered a great deal of focus recently is task automation, especially QTP Testing. Deep insight into multiple areas of test engineering over many years of experience helped us develop custom solutions for task automation. Be it optimizing test environments, requirements, test cases or generating test scripts for QTP Testing on the fly, optimizing test data, reducing test data preparation time; it is quite possible that we already have a custom-built solution.

Contact Us for information on task automation for your organization.

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