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BUGFAST – Automated Testing Solution for SAP

SAP applications are notoriously challenging to test.  Size, complexity, and a broad cross section of business groups required for testing create major bottlenecks during SAP software releases.


The result too often is neglected business priorities, postponed implementation of updates and patches, and out-of-date business logic.

Implementing a comprehensive test automation solution frees organizations from the schedule and resource burdens imposed by manual testing of SAP solutions.  While speed is often the initial advantage noted, the benefits of test automation extend much further.

Test automation substantially reduces resource requirements.  A regression cycle normally completed by a group of 25 testers can be executed with as few as 2 personnel.  Additionally, the cycle can be run after business hours, further reducing the person-hours involved.  Often even more important than the sheer number of resources saved is the fact that schedules of dozens of testers no longer need to be coordinated to complete the integrated test cases.

Beyond efficiency, test automation improves application quality.  Test automation makes it simple to verify for large ranges of data variables, something that would require multiple test cycles under the manual testing paradigm.

For companies looking to implement test automation, an exceptional solution customized to SAP applications is SoftSol’s BUGFAST.  Three elements make BUGFAST superior for SAP implementations: Ease of Use, Reusability, and Automated Script Generation.

BUGFAST is scriptless, meaning the business analysts who create and run the test cases don’t need to have any programming experience.  It uses the same business language companies currently use to describe their test cases.  The people who know the application best can easily run the automated tests.

BUGFAST maximizes reusability through componentization and segregation of data.  This provides three major advantages.  First, it simplifies script development since the majority of that process becomes simply recombining components rather than recording every script end-to-end.  Second, it improves the depth of testing by facilitating expanded data and pathway variations in test cases.  Finally, it simplifies test library maintenance since a single update to one component is populated all of your automated cases.

BUGFAST Automated Sript Generation tool makes your automated test case ready to run with just the click of a button, eliminating the work normally done by a programmer.

To view a video demo of BUGFAST for SAP, go to

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