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BUGFAST Certified for HP Interoperability

BUGFAST , SoftSol’s test automation tool designed specifically for business users, recently received HP Interoperability certification.


This certification followed an extensive series of tests to ensure SoftSol’s tool integrated effectively with HP tools such as Quick Test Pro (QTP) and Quality Center (QC). 

“We’ve seen the benefits this tool delivers to the customers who are using it,” commented Krishna Chintalapathi, VP of Technology for SoftSol. “This seal of approval from HP only punctuates its value to enterprises.”

The HP Interoperability certification comes on top of other dimensions of partnership between HP and SoftSol. SoftSol is an HP Silver Business Partner and it has a large contingency of staff certified as HP Accredited Integration Specialists.

“Enterprise-level customers can now have the confidence that comes with an HP Certified product, manufactured by an HP Certified partner, implemented by HP Certified personnel” said Chintalapathi.

The process of setting up, using, and maintaining automated testing has usually been reserved for highly technical test engineers. Unfortunately, this creates an inherent gap between the business analysts who created the requirements and the technical engineers carrying out the automated testing.

The purpose of BUGFAST is to eliminate the gap. Because BUGFAST is easy-to-use and does not require technical skills, the business analysts themselves can execute and maintain the scripts using a simple interface and Automated Script Generation.

At the bottom line, a test cycle that would normally require 20-25 manual testers over two weeks can be completed using 2-3 business analysts in 48 hours with BUGFAST. “The business implications of this tool are far-reaching” explained Chintalapathi. “Better coverage during the critical UAT time frame, faster release cycles, improved customer service, and long-term cost savings have all been reported by users of the product.”

Companies or organizations interested in exploring BUGFAST as a fit for their enterprise requirements can request a demo from a SoftSol solution engineering by visiting the SoftSol website SoftSol also provides low-cost pilot engagements for customers to assess BUGFAST within their own environment.

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