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Oracle Partners with SoftSol for PowerBuilder Modernization Solutions

Oracle recently joined forces with SoftSol to provide Sybase customers an effective pathway for migrating to Java/J2EE open technologies.

The partnership resulted after a review by Oracle demonstrated the quality and efficiency of SoftSol’s PowerBuilder to Java tool (P2J).

The SoftSol partner page on Oracle’s website can be found at The partnership combines Oracle’s industry-leading database expertise with SoftSol’s renowned automated migration solutions.

Due to breakthrough advancements in SoftSol’s P2J tool, SoftSol is now able to convert PowerBuilder applications to either Java or .NET in as little as 48 hours. For customers with small to medium-sized PowerBuilder applications, SoftSol will convert the application and then provide a link through which the customer can directly test the application in advance of deciding whether to purchase.

“This solution really takes Automated PowerBuilder Migration to whole new level of service not previously seen in the market,” said Ryan Madsen, Director of Marketing for SoftSol. “We realized that customers want more than just a quality solution. They want it on highly accelerated timelines and at a price that produces nearly immediate ROI.”

SoftSol’s PowerBuilder migration solution provides web and SOA enablement. The P2J tool translates the presentation, business and persistence layers. Additonally, the process generates the required J2EE artifacts.

“Both SoftSol and Oracle recognize the widespread need among customers for an efficient method to migrate off of legacy PowerBuilder and Sybase,” said Madsen. “This solution will free enterprises’ critical business logic from the increasing maintenance costs and technology restrictions inherent to the legacy platform.”

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