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SoftSol CEO Srini Madala Shares Modernization “Lessons Learned” at GTC West

Srini Madala, CEO and Founder of SoftSol Technologies, Inc., drew on his company’s extensive modernization experience to offer guidance to California Government CIOs looking to migrate core legacy applications.


Speaking alongside two other panelists at the GTC West Conference, Madala compared and contrasted various modernization strategies, including application rewrite, rehost, COTS and tool-assisted auto migration.

“No one solution is right for every situation,” emphasized Madala. “Organizations must assess code quality, resources available for maintenance, timeline and risk tolerance in deciding an optimal migration strategy.”

The theme of the conference was “Doing More with Less,” a clear reference to the difficult budget situation most State agencies currently find themselves in. Madala discussed the implications of these realities on migration decisions.

“Have a clearly defined and tightly-bound scope,” stressed Madala. “Modernization project can easily become wish-list receptacles, increasing the probability of timeline and cost overruns.”

In light of the constraints state agencies face, Madala encouraged CIOs to consider the benefits of automated migration solutions. Such solutions use automated tools to extract existing business logic and then render it in the modernized platform, such as .NET or Java. “While automated migration doesn’t have the flashy appeal of a rewrite” said Madala, “it has much higher success rate, shorter timeline, and a faster ROI.”

Even in cases where organizations require application enhancements, Madala recommended a strategy where a company first automatically converts the application and then implements enhancements within the new platform. This produces significant cost savings since licenses on legacy platforms can be eliminated and resources may immediately focus on the new technology.

While modernization projects often can appear as a massive undertaking, Madala used several case studies from SoftSol customers to underscore that with an effective strategy, there is “light at the end of the tunnel.”

“We’re dealing with the ‘Millennial’ generation now,” said Madala. “Organizations have to find ways to provide services instantaneously and in every medium. Organizations can no longer simply ‘hold still’ when it comes to technology. If you are not modernizing, then from the perspective of customers and constituents you’ll be travelling backward.”

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