About The Solution

Many organizations which use legacy data storage systems are facing the problem of data inconsistency and inaccuracy. Moreover, the costs incurred in maintaining these systems keeps on increasing. As the competitors are migrating over to the new technologies and tools available in the market, it is necessary for these businesses to migrate to new environment, which is efficient, consistent and reliable to stay in the market.

SoftSol has developed a comprehensive data transformation solution that helps the clients in migrating their critical data from legacy databases (Mainframes, RDBMS, Flat files) to the modern databases, ERPs or even in the cloud.

The main features of this data transformation solution are:

  1. Data profiling and analysis of the existing data
  2. Data cleansing
  3. Migrate the data from legacy system to modern database system
  4. Lessen the operational and maintenance cost
  5. Provide advantage/superiority over the competitors
  6. Enhanced customer support

Data Profiling and Analysis Phase

  • Key data element & relationships
  • Profiling scripts based on business rules
  • Data completeness, correctness & consistency
  • Data cleansing needs

Identify data issues:

  • Duplicates, non-unique keys
  • Missing referential integrity, orphaned records
  • Redundant & missing data
  • Incorrect formatting
  • Invalid/incomplete dates
  • Incorrect data based on a numeric range
  • Incorrect data based on relationship rules

Data Cleansing and Migration Phase

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