The growth and advancements in the High-Tech industry is exponential. Highly advanced technologies such as AI/ML, IoT, and Cloud Computing are reshaping the tech companies by changing their business strategies leading to profitable outcomes. These technologies have enabled the enterprises to deliver smart services to consumer devices by offering the products and solutions using SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model. With things like machine learning, artificial intelligence and touch commerce becoming increasingly popular across every industry from banking to healthcare, technology is revolutionizing the way we do business and making high-tech approaches an integral part of our lives.

SoftSol Contribution

As the HighTech industry is advancing, Softsol is advancing with it. Today the major challenges faced by the industry are inefficient operations management and the ability to have a long-term and sustainable customer support system. Over the years SoftSol has worked towards solving these challenges and our continued success stands as a testament to the confidence placed by our customers and reaffirms SoftSol’s commitment.

Some successful high tech projects completed by SoftSol include:

  1. Collaboration Platform Development: e-learning platform which included content syndication from multiple sources, social learning, mentoring and consulting services
  2. COTS Application Implementation: The application supported Corporate Affairs strategic customer relationship management, business planning, grants pipeline, and initiatives portfolio management using the Salesforce.com platform
  3. Improving Service Operations – (Salesforce.com Service Cloud Implementation) by migrating the entire service operations to the Salesforce.com service cloud to make it a global support platform across various services, enabling a more holistic view

Success Stories

SoftSol assisted tech giant in silicon valley in Semantic knowledge extraction and taxonomy generation using AI/ML and NLP


  • Automatic classification of document corpus into appropriate categories using AI and NLP
  • Facilitated collaboration among the users of the learning portal by recommending appropriate articles and documents.
  • Automation of ontology/taxonomy building for networking products and services
  • Efficiently performed Linguistic and semantic analysis of texts

Cisco entrusts SoftSol to perform quality assurance and testing of Cisco Learning Network Space a digital learning platform


  • Ongoing (8+ years) product life cycle of testing services for the digital platform enabling Cisco to offer instant user access to training information, course materials, and exam preparation resources
  • Critical issues identification enabled Cisco to convert these to product features
  • Integration testing of CLNS platform with third party application
  • Automation of regression test suit using selenium resulted in accuracy and efficiency

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