About The Solution

SoftSol has provided data transformation solutions to its customers in support of modernizing their enterprise applications. SoftSol has over 10 years of experience working on data profiling, consolidation, standardization, and database migration solutions. We specialize in identifying bad data and cleaning it both at the source and target. Our proven methodology ensures that the transactional data in various states is correctly migrated to target database.

Our Process

We work towards transforming your data to a format which is standardized and can be used by multiple heterogeneous applications. First data is extracted from multiple data sources. This data generally requires cleaning to make the data complete and relevant. Post this the data is transformed to an acceptable format, tested for quality and made ready for integration with the target application.

Success Stories

SoftSol assists largest teachers retirement fund in data analysis and profiling in support of replacement of pension administration system.


  • Analyzed over 1 million teachers’ pension records
  • Maintained strict data security compliance
  • Applied complex business rules for data analysis
  • Standardized multiple data formats

California justice agency Entrusts SoftSol with Correction of critical Criminal Records


  • No data issues post Go-Live
  • 430,000 Data Issues Resolved
  • Maintained strict data security compliance
  • Cleaned pension records using complex business rules.

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