About The Solution

Business process management is vital for an organization to accomplish specific goals. Business Process Automation facilitates effective handing of business workflows and efficient management of ever-changing business requirements.

Business Process Automation reduces human errors, avoids communication gaps among the users, and helps in completion of work in required timeframe thus meeting the critical SLAs.

SoftSol provides unified ECM (Electronic Content Management) and BPM (Business Process Management) solution that enables the organizations to define, design, and develop new business processes. This can also be used to consolidate and standardize existing business processes across the organization and implement these on a single platform.

This comprehensive ECM + BPM solution enables organizations to automate their business processes and deploy these as applications on a single unified platform accessible via web.

Some of the benefits of this unified ECM + BPM solution are:

  • Unified platform for multiple business processes
  • Scalable, customizable, and configurable architecture
  • ECM, BPM, and BAM (real time reports and dashboards) framework
  • Centralized web-based access for end users
  • On-premise or cloud hosting
  • Dramatic reduction on M and O costs
  • Robust integrations with external heterogeneous systems
  • Built on future-proof and cutting-edge technology
  • More value for the price

Unified BPM Solution Overview

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